Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Cylinder Liner Indian Manufacturers Explain why Cars Lose Power

Why it happens when a car loses its power? Cylinder liner Indian manufacturers will explain why cars lose power and what should be done to fix this problem via this post.

In most cases, a loss of engine power happens due to mechanical failure in your vehicle and other external factor like high temperatures. If your vehicle is losing its power while you are driving, there could be several reasons for that and you can diagnose them all yourself. Some of the reasons and their solutions are as under:

  • A car can lose its power due to the poor contact of injector. If you inspect and discover that this is the real cause of the problem, you will see an exaggerated vibration will take place in the motor. Experts suggest maintaining these parts in good condition.
You can perform cleaning of fuel injector for this.
  • If your car has a turbo engine, you may find that it is the element responsible for the power loss. This happens due to the damaged tube connector or simply dirty or poorly adjusted. The fault can take place as the valve that regulates the turbo is not working properly.
  • If you switch on the air conditioning, your car will lose power. You will see this issue if you do a road trip, or travelling in a smaller vehicle used for city driving. If you are travelling to uphill and have AC on, you will see your engine lose power.
  • Overloaded cooling system may also cause the power loss in the engine. Under these conditions, fan has to perform at its best since overloading of cooling system will exceed the external temperatures. This consumes power of the engine, which is about 2CV.
  • Power loss when you accelerate. If this is a case, you must visit to mechanic soon. To determine if your vehicle is losing its power due to the catalytic converter, you will need to see for a rattle sound while tapping the catalytic converter lightly using hammer or similar. Bad fuel filter is another reason behind the power loss.
Cylinder liner Indian manufacturers have just shared some reasons behind power loss of the car. If you want to read more about power loss, read other related stories available online. You can make online search and find best articles to acknowledge yourself. 


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