Sunday, 4 September 2016

A Bit Of History About Manufacturing Of Cylinder Sleeves In India

Cylinder sleeves are very commonly used in engines; in fact a Cylinder Sleeve is a very important component which safeguards the engine from normal wear and tear. There are various kind of cylinder sleeves which are used in the displacement engines. Few of the types of cylinder sleeves which are used are the iron type cylinder sleeve and the plated type cylinder sleeve.

History of cylinder sleeves:

The first ever cylinder sleeve which was developed was made of cast iron which was then cased in the form of a cylindrical bore. There were many reasons as to why iron was the most preferred metal then. Firstly it is one of the strongest metals therefore when it came to robustness then there was nothing in comparison to the iron cast, secondly it was easier to manufacturer and lastly it worked out to be a cheaper alternative. Iron cylinder sleeves were used for a very long time but were significantly not very successful especially in small engines. The prime reason for its failure in regards to small engines was that they were primarily use in cars and scooter which needed something light and the iron cylinder sleeve was quite bulky, which started to put pressure on the engine. With this came an existence of aluminium block motors which were designed with cast in iron liners.

The biggest advantage of aluminium motors was that it was lightweight and could be used with smaller engines. A cast iron sleeve was inserted into the mould and then the hot aluminium was put into the mould. Hence the sleeve together with the cylinder block completed the entire block. However there were few drawbacks with this kind of cylinder sleeve as well. That was during the manufacturing process, the engine expanded due to immense heat and this would sometimes result in the failure of the engine. To get rid of this problem ,the iron sleeve was then not casted in ,instead installed in the block after casting. Hence the aluminium m block measure a little less that the sleeve therefore in case of expansion during the manufacturing processes it has ample room for expanding without resulting in a failure.

Technology is fast evolving, now a days new and versatile ways of production of bore and cylinder sleeves have come into being. In olden times only two metals were used that is iron and aluminium, now with changing trends, many engines have been using alloys for manufacturing cylinder sleeved depending on the need and requirement of the engine. In case of a smaller engine, something which is lighter is preferred and in case of large engines something which is more robust is the first criterion. Keeping this in mind Cylinder Sleeves in India are manufactured accordingly.


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