Monday, 22 August 2016

How Piston Pin Manufactured and What Are Its Uses?

Piston pins are a very important component in any manufacturing process. It is widely used in engineering of machines and manufacturing units. The energy which is released from the combustion of fuel-air-mixtures is conveyed by pistons and linking rods to the crankshaft which is then converted into kinetic energy. The piston pin attaches the piston to the connecting rod.

Piston Pins are made of various materials; however the most common material used in the production of piston pin is steel. Steel is casted into steel wires and steel bars which is then used in manufacturing of piston pins. With the help of various machines they are turned, hardened and grinded. While manufacturing piston pin there are few things which needs to be kept in mind.

One of them is that the final product must be with a tolerance below 0.003 millimetres and must also have a very high surface quality with a perfect shape. If it is not shaped accordingly then it can result in friction and this can create problems during the production process. Another major thing which needs a mention is that the piston pins which are used in high stress level and pass through high revolution and combustion must cover themselves with an extra ultra-hard DLC layer.

This layer helps them maintaining their quality and protects them from wear and tear during the manufacturing process. Since a piston pin has to be of the correct size therefore even a little wear and tear can affect the manufacturing process to a very large extent. Hence it becomes all the more important to protect them from wear and tear.

The piston pins are one of the most important components of a combustion engine and therefore have to undergo a lot of stress and pressure. In order to make proper use of a piston pin is has to be accurate according to the size of the engine therefore high level of engineering is required.

The piston pin which is also known as thegudgeon pin is a resonating rod with a very small radius that is characteristically made of an alloy steel displaying great strength and hardness features. The pins are factory-made to endure very high temperatures at the same time as being small and light and criticallyare required to be able to resistweighty loads and winding forces.

There are several Piston Pin Manufacturers in India which are engaged in manufacturing of piston pins. They are blessed with very resourceful engineering skills with the help of technology and excellent raw material they are able to cater to the local demand as well as international demand.


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