Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Manufacturers Offer Comprehensive Range In Pneumatic Cylinders

Pneumatic cylinder – popularly known as air cylinder, is one type of mechanical device. It uses the power of compressed gas to product the force in a reciprocating linear motion. Mechanical engineers prefer to use this cylinder because it is clean, quiet and require less space for fluid storage. As the operating fluid is gas, no leakage or drip out from this type of cylinder. It is more preferable when cleanliness is required. To develop customized solutions, trained application engineers are functioning as a part of customer’s team to judge their needs accurately. We stand out in the market of United Arab Emirates(UAE), Saudi Arabia and India because we develop special products as per specific requirement.

Types of cylinders :

Manufacturers of pneumatic cylinders often change appearance, size and function of these products as per specification. Types are :
  • Single acting : This cylinder use pressure imparted by compressed air to create force in outer direction and a spring return to home position. It has limited extension due to the space which compressed spring takes up.
  • Double acting : This cylinder use air pressure to move in both – retract and extend strokes. There are two ports – instroke and outstroke to allow air inside. Piston rod is more vulnerable to bending, though stroke length is not limited.

Product range :

LinerSleeves provide excellent personalized service and innovative products to the customers. We offer standard cylinder, ISO cylinders and Specific cylinder and customize product also.
  • Standard Cylinders : It is available in bore sizes ranging from 6mm diameter 350mm diameter. They are made of hard chrome plated heavy duty seamless tubes, chrome plated piston rods, end covers and high quality nitrile seals.
  • ISO Cylinders : These are made as per ISO standard. The square aluminium tube gives sleek look to this product. They include single & double trunnion mounting, front & rear plate mounting, hinge mounting and let mounting.
  • Specific Cylinder : This self reciprocating cylinder is available in bore size 2”, 3” and 4”. Replace your existing non standard bore size, piston rod size and material of the construction, etc.
Generally pneumatic cylinders are used to create force and motion in OEM equipment. They directly and indirectly move products by lifting, pulling, pushing, rotating, etc. These products are widely accepted because of simplicity, economical range, durable and easy to install. As per your specific requirement, select cylinder from our wide range in design, speed, compactness, force output, rack and pinion, etc.


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